We help you and your teams address the hard things.

  • D&I IQ
  • Recognizing bias in the systems
  • Let’s talk about ____ (insert race, gender, LBGTQ, disabilities, you name it)
  • Understanding 1st and 2nd level diversity – don’t be fooled by the numbers


Talking about D&I is responsible – taking action is leadership.

  • Mentor curriculum (and it’s not leadership training with a new name)
  • Mentor groups (sharing best practices may be the cheapest training platform ever)
  • Diversity leaders (how employee teams drive ownership)
  • Hiring, promotion, and performance rating evaluation – fixing the systemic issues


You measure what you treasure.

  • Research – we do that.
  • Publish the results – we will help you do that too.
  • Sharing the results – we will help you talk about that (see step 1).