We believe that tackling the tough issues involves multiple perspectives, therefore, we seek to partner with other thought leaders based on the scope of the work before us.

Each organization and challenge is unique; we believe in collective collaboration – we are not interested in turf wars, we see ourselves as builders of coalitions. Simply put, we are an inclusion collective focused on research and candid conversations that address today’s diversity and inclusion goals.

Dr. Jessica Petty has more than two decades of experience contributing to the growth of people and business. While her experiences have spanned the for-profit and nonprofit world, her interest in people and contributing to a more just system for all have always been passions and led her to launch Just Pursuits.

Jessica holds a Doctorate in Leadership, with a focus on diversity, equity, & inclusion, a Masters in Global Leadership, and is Collective Impact Certified in facilitating conversations on DEI, implementing equity frameworks, creating systemic change, and crucial conversations in the workplace.

She also currently serves as the CEO of Retrieving Independence, a service dog organization working within prison systems to impact inmate rehabilitation through the love and dignity of a positive assistance dog training program.