You believe in diversity and inclusion.

You just don’t know how to get there.

Embracing D&I is a behavior and it requires asking questions – collectively.
We help you ask the right questions about diversity, inclusion and equity, so you can take action.

Challenges you face today

What do I say?

D&I is a pillar, it’s a stated commitment. You believe in it but you don’t want to say the wrong thing, so the commitment stops there. The one-to-one conversations aren’t happening.

Why didn’t that work?

The entire team has been trained – you understand unconscious bias, why inclusion matters, and you try to recruit for diversity. You’ve invested time and money but nothing seems to be working.

Is there progress?

Beyond diversity numbers, you are not sure what matters and the team struggles to talk about inclusion with transparency and humility. You’re worried if you report the wrong thing, it will only make it worse.

In organizations, diversity and inclusion are often treated as problems with defined solutions.

You hire experts and implement training programs expecting change to follow. When the change doesn’t come, people lose confidence in leadership.

Only 42%

of employees actually believe their companies are committed to diversity
(McKinsey, 2018)

71% higher

odds of being interviewed if the name on the resume was believed to be a white male
(Steinpreis, Anders, & Ritzke, 1999)

0% impact

found from diversity training
(Dobbin & Kalev, 2016)

We believe in returning the power to the people.

We will not ride up on a valiant steed to deliver a store bought fix for the troubles that ail you. True transformation happens within individuals, teams, and organizations when they drive it.

We help you with the diagnostics and shine a light on the structural challenges that may be hidden from your view – then you lead the charge. The steed belongs to you.

Collective Conversation

We help you begin to talk about sticky things like gender, race, and sexual orientation.  Humility and openness are the bedrock of truly understanding the state of your culture.  This is not a corporate tagline; it is face to face conversation.

Collective Action

Too often we try to impact D&I by looking at the individual. The core of the challenges are hidden in the systems. By focusing our efforts on improving the structures, the behaviors of individuals are required to adjust.

Collective Impact

Grounded in research, we help you build robust and transparent evaluation, with your own data. Since diversity is never simply about the numbers, we help you communicate where you are going and how you’re progressing.

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